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When an individual dies, his or her estate must often pass through a process known as “probate.” Because this procedure can be confusing and lengthy, seeking assistance from a qualified Sun City Probate Attorney is highly recommended.

About Probate

Probate is a procedure used to process a deceased person’s estate, resolve any debts and pass property on to designated heirs. The state of Arizona offers both a formal probate and an informal probate. In general, informal probate is much quicker and less expensive than formal probate. However, informal probate isn’t always possible.

During informal probate, the court appoints a personal representative for the estate, and that representative oversees the administration of the estate with very little supervision from the court. In formal probate proceedings, however, the court oversees more of the process. Formal probate is often required when someone contests the will or when more than one individual wants to serve as the representative of the estate.

The cost of probate varies considerably based on the type of probate, as well as other factors.

Why Do You Need a Probate Attorney?

You may need a Sun City Probate Attorney if a deceased loved one named you as the personal representative of his or her estate. You may also need representation from a probate attorney if you are contesting any aspect of a deceased individual’s will or estate.

If you have been named as a personal representative of a deceased person’s estate, your attorney will help you complete the administration process effectively. If you are contesting a probated estate, your attorney will help you build a strong case and present it during litigation.

Probate laws in Arizona can be complicated. An experienced probate attorney in Sun City will be able to help you understand how these laws apply to you so you can make the best choices in your case.

Contact a Probate Attorney in Sun City

If you are involved in a probate case, Rita A. Daninger can help. As an attorney with significant experience in Sun City probate, she can make sure you have all of the resources you need to move through the process as quickly as possible while also protecting your interests. To schedule a consultation or to learn more, please contact Rita A Daninger Attorney at Law PLLC today.

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